I just got back from California where the moisture levels were kicking my hair’s butt. If you reference an earlier post, you will understand my hatred for this substance called HUMIDITY. However; in my quest to find the positive in everything, I decided I would look at humidity from an optimist’s approach.

On sharecare.com I found the following information, “Environmental humidity plays a large role in skin moisture. When humidity is low, water can be drawn out of the skin’s surface into the air, drying out the outermost layer of the epidermis. When humidity is high, skin uses its own natural humectants (natural moisturizing factors) to pull water from the environment to its surface, to help keep it hydrated.”  I have always known that humidity is good for preventing wrinkles because it keeps your skin moisturized. Similar to how drinking water keeps your skin looking younger and feeling firmer from the inside out. Dehydration causes dryness and damage both to skin and hair. Dry, broken, coarse, thin curly hair can absorb and retain up to 55% more moisture because it is generally more porous than healthy, straight strands. Hence, the reason curly hair gets curlier and even frizzy in the humidity. This got me thinking, like skin, is it better for our hair if you reside in a humid climate?

To test my theory, I have started using a humidifier while I sleep.  You can purchase any range of humidifier.  I got mine for cheap at Target.  After a few months of use, I find it is easier to breath and my skin feels healthier. I used to get cracked nostrils and lips in Colorado’s dry climate but the humidifier has helped with this problem.  I also get fewer dry patches.  I have yet to make any conclusions on the benefits from humidifier use for my hair but I am certain it isn’t hurting.

Have you tried this?  Have you seen positive results?  If not, try it out and let me know your thoughts!

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