Curly Clip-in Hair Extensions

For years I have been looking for curly clip-in extensions that would closely match my spiral curls but nothing quite matched. I wanted to be able to wear my hair natural but also add volume and length. After awhile I gave up on the idea UNTIL I randomly came across Babonias ( on my Instagram feed. I was immediately intrigued mainly because of all their real-life testimonials and pictures on their Instagram feed. They offer quality curly extensions in various curly textures, colors and lengths. We were headed to Maui, Hawaii (aka 125% humidity) and I wanted these more than anything so I could enhance my natural hair. I quickly ordered two sets of curly in 110G (thickness) one in chestnut (at 18″) and one in honey blond (at 22″). I watched their YouTube videos on how to wash them, enhance their curl texture and how to apply them. For both sets, I do have to enhance their curl pattern in order to better match my spiral curls and this can take some time but I have to say, it is sooooo worth it! My hair is super thin and relatively short so I ended up not using both sets and even a partial set seemed to do the trick for me. These are gorgeous, natural-looking hair pieces. I had so much fun with these on during my vacation. I also wear them when I go out with my hubby or my girlfriends and I receive many compliments on how pretty my curls are. Its liberating being able to change up the volume and length while embracing your natural hair! I highly recommend these.

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