3′” More Inches

HELLO! It has been awhile and I apologize for being MIA. I spent that last several weeks offering my time, support and comfort to my family and to my dad. He experienced a slew of unexpected complications post, what should have been, a routine surgery. He is getting better day by day but it was a shock to our family and my only goal in life is to be there for him – like he has been there for me. The silver lining is that he is now FREE of cancer and that is what brings us cheer during this otherwise difficult time.

During this time I was soooo pleased that my Peppermint Pre-Poo recipe got picked up from NaturallyCurly.com / CurlyNikki by Natura Magazine and On The Scene New York!  It was one of their main features!  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to respond in a timely manner but I am soooo appreciative and cannot believe all the positive praise I received.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

So on to my next topic, “3′” More Inches.” I know – I know, I am a self professed product junky. BUT that means you will only hear about them if I LOVE them or HATE them and in this case, I give it a million stars!  I ran into this product on Pinterest and the reviews intrigued me.  The product is all natural and free of harsh chemicals and other harmful agents.  I decided to go directly to the Source, Michael Van Clarke’s website.  In hind sight I am kicking my own butt because this was expensive.  I paid to ship the product from the UK!  I’d suggest trying Amazon to make your purchase.  I bought the shampoo, conditioner and pre-wash treatment.  The shampoo and conditioner came in really small bottles but you don’t need to use much product at a time.  You are supposed to allot 1 or more hours for the pre-wash to sit in your hair (I haven’t tried this overnight, yet).  This is difficult for me because I am usually rushed in the morning when I take my showers.  So, I have had to set my alarm a few hours before I actually get into the shower in order to put this product in my hair.  It is worth it!  This leaves my hair shiny, super soft and youthful in appearance.  When washing my hair (every other day), the shampoo leaves my hair so clean it squeaks.  I couldn’t use this shampoo if it weren’t accompanied by the conditioner because my hair feels sort of tangled when I wash it out.  No need to fret though, the conditioner does it’s magic, leaving my hair silky and easy to comb through.  The smell is pleasant and refreshing.  I haven’t used this product long enough to know if my hair is actually growing (3 more inches 😉 ) but I can say that it does feel healthy and I have received compliments!  I recommend this product – especially for us curlies.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!