Human Growth Hormone Happiness

Being 20 weeks pregnant and happy, I have noticed a recent and major growth / health spurt in my hair. This can’t all be attributed to the pregnancy though. For months I have been wearing my hair naturally curly by using less heat, styling products and chemicals and washing it far less. BUT the prenatal vitamin, the pregnancy hormones, the extra blood flow and my healthy lifestyle have certainly helped my case too!

In addition to my hair’s new found thickness and length, my Dr. informed me that a lot of changes can still happen including color and texture. First he informed me that my hair isn’t actually getting thicker, I am just losing it more slowly, “during pregnancy, higher levels of estrogen prolong the growth phase, resulting in less shedding of hair and thicker tresses.” SWEET and true!!  I am plucking far less hair from my shower drain which makes me pleased not to have to bend down with my growing belly.  But then he said that many women experience an increase of hair loss after the baby is born, “your postpartum locks probably won’t be as luxurious. After giving birth, the growth/rest cycle goes back to its previous pattern, so you may notice more hair falling out.” Not so sweet :(.

My Dr. told me that while it doesn’t happen to all women, it is something that I should be aware of and expect. How does one cope with this loss and possible texture change? I have battled my curls my entire life but the thought of my curls changing NOW actually scares me. I know, I know, I know I will have bigger fish to fry once the baby is born but losing my hair or having it altered is just an impending downer… Tell me about your experience. What did you do to prevent postpartum hair loss, how did you manage this? Are there measures I should be taking NOW that could help change the outcome? For example, Biotin? Or is there a prenatal-type vitamin I can continue to take after the baby? Thanks for your feedback!!

One thought on “Human Growth Hormone Happiness

  1. Hi Kimmie,
    You will continue to take a prenatal vitamin after you have the baby if you breastfeed, so that helps with your hair too. I did notice a change in my hair, especially after I stopped breastfeeding my first. It got a lot thinner. I have heard something called viviscal (sp?) works too, so might take that when I finish breastfeeding!

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